Metallic Silo


In 1970 ILPERSA manufactured its first metallic silo and during this long time period we have been concerned with the ongoing improvement of our product thanks to the memorandum of understanding which we maintain with the Polytechnical University of Valencia as well as with the accumulated experience in projects carried out in Europe, Africa and Asia Minor.

As silo models we have:
STM silos with metallic hopper raised to 45º or 60º, with diameters from 3 m to 9 m with capacities of up to 1,500 m3.

SAS silos with flat bottom or conic hopper and diameters from 4.50 to 27.1 m. with capacities of up to 15.000 m3.

Characteristics and advantages of ILPERSA silos:
Our silos CAN BE MANUFACTURED in accordance with the standards ANSI-EP-433, DIN1055 and EUROCODE- 1.

All our silos are calculated for seismic actions, snowloads on roofs and winds of up to 150 km/h.
ILPERSA silos are manufactured with high-resistance corrugated galvanised sheet panels 3.600 kg/cm2 and with standard zinc lining of 450 gr/m2.

We use 8.8 quality bichromated screws in all our models, with plate and neoprene washers to ensure watertightness.
Exterior stays made of highly resistant galvanised steel.
Highly robust ceiling which allows the risk-free placement of thermometric probes, transport equipment and capable of bearing major snow loads.
We have reinforced silos for mass unloading.

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