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For metal sorting, metal sensing, and metal separation — the separation of metal scrap (more than likely to be a pre-shredded metal feedstock) with particle sizes between 0 and 4 inches (0-100mm), MSS offers the L-VIS and MetalSort high-resolution color and metal detection sensors. They provide you with the capabilities to further purify and clean up metal scrap by removing unwanted metal types.

The sized incoming material is distributed over the machine width by a vibratory feeder. At speeds of about 500 ft/min (2.5 m/s), the material travels across the array of induction coils which are mounted directly underneath the slide or conveyor belt.The induction coils sense small variations in the electro-magnetic field which are generated by meta particles. Ferrous, non-ferrous and stainless steel can be identified independently if required.State-of-the-art electronics process the detected signals and activate the corresponding air valves, which eject the metals upward or downward into a chute or ejection hood.

  • Larger machine sizes available upon request
  • Color touchscreen user interface
  • Remote modem or ethernet access
  • Statistics and quality reports download
  • Split configuration
  • Different sort configurations by the touch of a button
  • Low maintenance due to no moving parts

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