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- Construction Materials


Without the use of other common materials, a contruction project would not be complete.  Metexcom supplies major general building materials, which remains important for any construction project and are the elements to achieve a good result. Metexcom’s range of products includes blocks, stones, tiles, concrete products, mixtures, insulating wool, polystyrene, lumber, building boards, waterproofing material. Metexcom provides delivery directly from our warehouses or delivery to You, our client.


The assortment at Metexcom are:

  • Lightweight aggregate blocks, jumpers and specifications for various purposes;
  • Aerated concrete blocks, floor panels;
  • Concrete blocks, hollow blocks and jumpers;
  • Reinforced concrete products;
  • Street and paving slabs of concrete and granite;
  • Single-mode, two-wave and straight tile;
  • Dry mixes for concrete, paving, plastering and finishing works.

Metexcom offers:
  • Trimmed, planed, pressure treated and sawn-dried;
  • Lumber for saunas, interior and exterior wall paneling, floor boards, corners, trim, baseboards;
  • Plywood for interior and exterior, made from various hardwood and softwood trees in various sizes, scope and quality class;
  • OSB and chipboard panels with lock edges (groove-tongue) and smooth ends.


Metexcom offers from our warehouse:

  • Bitumen roofing and bitumen-polymer waterproofing materials for pitched and flat roofs;
  • Bitumen-polymer mastic hot and cold applications, primers, sealants, emulsions;
  • Vapor barrier membrane in paper and film-based;
  • Substrates for roofing, 'breathable' and 'nonbreathers' anti-condensation and film.


Metexcom is a supplier of:

  • Standard drywall GKB, moisture-resistant drywall GKBI, fireproof drywall GKF, drywall floor and reinforced plasterboard.
  • Cement and cement-bonded boards with a special coating for interior and exterior walls of buildings, facades, pedestals, balconies, wind boxes, concrete and roofing.


Metexcom is a supplier:

  • Glass and stone wool sheet and rolled insulation modified for interior and exterior walls, roofing works, noise and sound insulation, fire protection, concrete work for floor insulation;
  • Styrofoam associated with isolation of frame structures, floor, roof, facade, basement pipes.


The assortment Metexcom fasteners are required for convenient and secure fit of construction materials:

  • Screws;
  • Nails;
  • Dowels;
  • Hammers;
  • Anchors;
  • Studs;
  • Bolts;
  • Nuts;
  • Corners;
  • Wire;
  • Inserts.


Welding wire SJ-50 is suitable for both automatic and semi-automatic welding and can be used in engineering and shipbuilding, as well as in the manufacture of metal construction.


  • GB/T8110 ER50-6
  • JIS Z3312 YGW-12
  • AWS A5.18 ER70S-6
  • ISO14341-A (EN440)-G42 4C G3Si1
  • Thickness: 0.80 mm, 1.00 mm, 1.20 mm.
  • Coil weight: 15 kg

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