- Weather Station



A full weather station with a wide range of sensors for on-site measurement of key parameters for irrigation and plant protection. Easy download through Bluetooth connection to your smartphone Management made easy.

µMetos® Blue is a battery powered data logger with Bluetooth interface and is powered by lithium primary cells. It is easily installed in the field as no infrastructure is needed.The data logger has a large memory of about 2 years of data storage. Data are permanently measured in interval of 5 minutes. Data download is made with a Bluetooth-enabled smartphone; after download, once the smartphone connects to the internet, all the data is synchronized on www.fielclimate.com where it stored for future use and can be accessed by multiple users.

µMetos® Blue major Features:

  • Easy to install and operate
  • Long-lasting battery (7 years duration)
  • 2-years data memory buffer
  • 5-minutes interval measure of parameters
  • Easy data download
  • Data storage and evaluation on www.fieldclimate.com

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