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- Model 862 2.862.2010 - Salt Compact Titrosampler



The 862 Salt Compact Titrosampler is just the right choice for the automatic performance of potentiometric chloride analyses in a wide variety of samples. The combination of titrator and sample changer in a single instrument that offers the automatic performance of dynamic (DET) and monotonic (MET) titrations with automatic equivalence point finding and endpoint titrations (SET) in a very small space. Equipped with extensive accessories, the 862 Salt Compact Titrosampler is ready for immediate use. Various titrations can be performed fully automatically and the electrodes can be cleaned and stored in a total of 12 positions. The titration curve is directly in view thanks to the large, clearly organized Live Display and the current status of the sample series is recognizable at once. Pressing samples can be given priority analysis at any time.

  • Rack material: PVC

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