- Model Enduro Meter Series - Industrial and Fire Service Water Meters



When it comes to high flow applications the Enduro meter from Metron-Farnier will handle the job. The Enduro Meter is a precisely engineered measuring device, which suspends a small Spectrum Meter in a meticulously designed meter body.

Unlike a turbine meter the measuring device does not extend across the entire bore of the meter, resulting in extremely low head loss and no wear or damage from debris.

The patented twin-pivot Spectrum impeller design eliminates bearing wear and maintenance, while providing more than six times the low flow accuracy of a comparable sized turbine meter. This meter can sustain high flow rates in treated or raw water over long periods of time with no degradation in meter accuracy while providing low flow accuracy.

As with all Metron-Farnier single-jet meters, it is maintenance-free and can be left in service for years with no loss in accuracy. In addition to dual domestic/ fire service applications, it is also ideally suited for master metering, raw water/well head metering, and industrial & irrigation applications.

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