Metro Compactor Service Inc.

- Model RJ-225 - Ultra Compactor



Highly efficient, economical compaction equipment for today’s cost conscious waste generators. The RJ-225 Ultra provides the cost-saving benefits of solid waste compaction including labor reduction, fewer collection pick-ups, and space savings.

The RJ-225 Ultra compactor is fully automatic. Simply dump waste into the large 40 1/2' x 60' charge box opening and turn the key. After the compaction cycle completes, the unit shuts down automatically. Key operation gives the operator absolute control over compactor use, eliminating expensive sharing of waste receptacles.

  • Side-Mount Power Unit
  • Power Unit Weather Cover
  • Control Panel Box
  • Motor Starter Reset Button
  • Limit Switch
  • Ram
  • Ram Guide Shoes with Replaceable Wear Strips

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