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- Model HDXP - Heavy-Duty - NFPA Valve



The Meyer HDXP Heavy-Duty, NFPA design valves are custom applied units to your specific application. Meyer engineers review the application and evaluate the design based on KST values for the material, temperature, pressure and ambient conditions. Units can be built in cast iron, stainless and cast steel to match the specific NFPA requirements. Special XP switches, controls and motors are also added as needed to match the installation environment. Each valve is uniquely built and documented. The Meyer HDXP is ideally suited for all your NFPA installations.

  • Our rotary airlock valves are used in a wide range of applications where there is need to minimize system air loss while transferring material between vessels with differing pressures.
  • They are used as feeder valves to meter the flow of material between vessels with equivalent pressures.
  • You will also find them doing double duty in systems where there is a need to minimize system air or gas loss while regulating the flow of material between vessels with differing pressures.

  • Pressure Rating: 15 PSI
  • Maximum Operating Temperature: 500°F
  • Materials: Dry Free-Flowing Semi-Abrasive

  • Pneumatic Conveying, Blending, Dust Collection, Drying, Pollution Control, Weighing, Mixing, Feeding.

  • Paper,Grain, Coal, Textile, Food, Petrochemical, Power, Mining.

  • Available in fourteen sizes from 4×4 through 22×22
  • Round or square flange assures system compatibility
  • Larger diameter shafts for less deflection and optimum torque deliver
  • Permanently sealed bearings ensure protection from contamination
  • Full flow throat design permits maximum flow to rotor pocket
  • Cast iron or stainless steel housings are standard providing maximum structural stability with optional cast materials available including; inconel, hastelloy, or cast steel
  • Housing coating options include hard chrome, nickel, teflon, tungsten carbide, chrome carbide and plasma

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