Mavili Elektronik Ticaret ve Sanayi A.S.

Mavili Elektronik Ticaret ve Sanayi A.S.

Model MG 400 - 4 Channel Gas Alarm Control Panel



The modern design panel, offering advanced programmability and high performance with its 4 channels, is widely applicable for industrial use. Panels offer many features to integrate to automations applications.

  • The panel has 4 channels, each capable of hosting 1 industrial type gas detector or 20 conventional fire detectors.
  • Large graphic 240x64 pixels LCD with adjustable backlight displays system information, including gas detector measurements, alarms and faults.
  • Adjustable high and low alarm thresholds
  • Sending signals to different systems via high and low alarm relays, high level fault relay, and general fault relay

  • Latching/non-latching sounder outputs
  • Compatible with two and three wire detectors
  • Sink and source operating selection for channels
  • Password access and remote control for protection against unauthorized intervention
  • Channel measurement unit can be chosen from “%LEL”, “PPB”, “PPM”, “%VOL” or “GAS”
  • High and low alarm warnings can be selected according to ambient gas density
  • Latching/non-latching relay outputs
  • Relays can be set as NO or NC
  • Compatible with Industrial gas detectors and 4-20 mA converter
  • Desired channels can be disabled, sounder outputs and relays can be tested, gas detectors can be zeroed and calibration can be done via panel.
  • It is possible to enter zone location names for panels and detectors

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