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Model MIB-2590 - Li-Ion Rechargeable Battery Pack (BB-2590 Replacement)



Our MIB-2590 is a Lithium-Ion rechargeable battery that has been specifically designed to meet the extreme requirements of rugged applications like those found in military operations. This battery pack is similar to the standard BB-2590 but does not have the built-in 'State of Charge Display'. Morcom does not supply the display because we have found that it is an additional point of potential failure for the battery. Our battery pack is compatible with the following radios: SINCGARS & ATCS (AN/PRC-104, 119) FALCON (AN/PRC-138 117) KY-57, MXF430 (V), AN/PSC-5, M22. It is a replacement for / compatible with: BB-2590, BB-590/U, BB-390A/U, BB-690/Y, BA-3590/U & BA-5590/U.

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