Bedson REPS

Bedson REPS

- Model RP - Reliable Dust Collectors and CNC Machine Mist Collection



Micro Air dust collectors & weld smoke collectors are engineered from the ground up with innovative designs, and features that provide what counts most in a dust and fume collectors: functionality. From capturing fine dust or welding smoke to coarse particulates, we can assist you in making your Industrial plant a cleaner and a more friendly work environment.

Micro Air dust collectors utilize the latest in 'NANO' cartridge filtration technology and are available in a large range of configurations from a single cartridge unit up to an 80 cartridge dust collector model. Each collector is sized by Bedson REPS for the proper air-to-filter ratio to solve a wide variety of applications such as welding smoke, plasma table smoke, powder dust, grinding dust, paper dust, etc.

One fo the outstanding features to our RP models is its revolutionary filter cleaning system called Roto-Pulse. Roto-Pluse is an on line system that uses compressed air to continually clean the cartridge filters with a revolving, compressed air driven, tube. As air enters the tube, the force of the pulse causes the tube to rotate. While spinning, air exits thru a series of pre-drilled holes in the tube. The result is that the compressed air hits the entire inside surface of the dust cartridge, pushing the dust particles off the filter surface allowing for a much more efficient filter cleaning cycle and much longer filter life.

  • Heavy duty construction for long life
  • Indoor or Outdoor operation
  • Roto-Pulse Filter Cleaning is standard
  • Low cost replacement filters
  • Gravity Flow Design for easy handling of dust
  • Compact Foot print for the air being cleaned
  • LOW Maintenance
  • EASY Installation of the system
  • Fan silencers are optional
  • Explosion venting and extingushing systems are optional
  • Complete Single-Source System Design including ducting from BedsonREPS
  • VFD's for fan speed and air control is optional

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