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Micro Metos

Instantaneous read out of Disease & Pest warnings, crop specific evapotranspiration frost, fire warnings, climate studies and many more... Micro Metos is designed to support growers with real time data on daily crop water consumption and precipitation over a complete growing season. The instrument will automatically calculate the ET crop based on temperature, relative humidity, wind speed and global radiation and transform this data into ET crop. micro Metos is designed to be very flexible and open for new applications to come. Site specific frost warnings, bush fire warnings, climatic studies etc. The two lines 16 character display on the Metos shows you the climate data and all the disease simulation results in real time. Simple to service and use as all functions are available by one rotary switch and two buttons. Easy to transport, easy to mount and disassemble. The data logger together with the sensors for temparature, relative humidity, brightness and solar radiation, has only a height of 270mm(11.7 in) and is 115mm (5 in) in diameter.

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