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Micro Waterjet LLC of Huntersville, NC employs the proprietary precision water jet cutting technology developed by its Swiss parent company to manufacture components from flat stock in a wide variety of materials.

Applications include R&D, Prototyping, Electronics, Medical Device Components (including implantables), Aerospace, etc.

As opposed to common water jet technology that is mainly used for cutting large, loose-tolerance items, Micro Waterjet equipment has been specifically designed for handling smaller and fairly thin components, usually palm of hand size and below.

The work table accommodates sheets up to 600 x 1'000 mm - just under 24' x 40' - allowing fairly large high precision components to be made, or multiple small components to be manufactured with one fixturing.

The process can cut a wide variety of materials with low process forces and thermal stress, from metals to plastics and rubber. Micro Waterjet's expertise includes manufacturing medical components from materials such as Titanium, Stainless, Nitinol, Ultem®, Polycarbonate, and PEEK. There are few materials that cannot be cut by Micro Waterjet. With minimal setup costs, the technology is suitable for both prototyping and low-volume production.

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