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- Wastewater Test Kit



The MICROCAT Wastewater Test Kit is the portable, cost-effective way to evaluate the performance of wastewater treatment efforts, any time, anywhere. The MICROCAT Wastewater Test Kit packages premium selected analytical equipment and test kits for easy evaluation and monitoring of wastewater and wastewater treatment performance. In the field or in the plant, the MICROCAT Wastewater Test Kit produces data that, upon analysis, can lead to better treatment performance and efficiency.

Suitable for use in industrial and municipal wastewater treatment performance evaluation, waste and wastewater characterization, product performance evaluation and nutrient analysis, the MICROCAT Wastewater Test Kit includes:

  • A powerful, portable microscope
  • Dissolved oxygen meter
  • pH meter
  • Alkalinity test kit
  • Ammonia test kit
  • Analytical test book
  • Imhoff Cone for settling tests
  • Magnetic stirrer
  • Nitrate test kit
  • Phosphate test kit
  • Solids analysis equipment
  • Wastewater processing textbook
  • All packaged in a rugged field carrying case

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