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MicrOclor On-Site Hypochlorite Generation (OSHG) is truly the Safe, Sound, Clean & Green disinfection option. As concerns mount regarding the safety and security of using chlorine gas for water disinfection, many utilities are choosing sodium hypochlorite (bleach) as a safer alternative. Once the decision to convert to a safer alternative has been made the question remains whether to purchase or produce sodium hypochlorite. Many are choosing MicrOclor to meet their disinfection requirements.


MicrOclor’s dilute (0.8%) hypochlorite solution is below the hazardous material concentration threshold of 1%. This reduces operator HazMat exposure and eliminates the need for diluting commercial hypochlorite to compensate for degradation which results in inconsistent solution strength.


The only raw materials required for the OSHG process is common salt. This will reduce vendor deliveries by 66% vs. commercial bulk hypochlorite. Less truck traffic through the community and at the facility will reduce the potential for accidents and eliminate the associated carbon footprint. This furthers efforts towards Green Facility Management and improves the Water Security profile.


Utilizing MicrOclor OSHG will enable storage of larger quantities of raw materials necessary for your disinfection process (salt). This will result in a more sustainable and robust treatment facility better able to withstand the demands imposed by a natural disaster or health emergency. OSHG is the only available disinfection technology that enables compliance with the Department of Homeland Security recommendations for Pandemic Flu Planning Guidelines.


Since all chlorine compounds are derived from salt, electrolytic conversion at the facility will result in significant savings to the owner. Typically it costs 50-70% less to produce sodium hypochlorite vs. buying it. The items listed above are the most significant of the many benefits realized by upgrading to MicrOclor OSHG. The attached documents will provide more detail on each of these points. We encourage you to contact the many Utilities currently using MicrOclor for further evidence supporting their decision to purchase a MicrOclor upgrade.

Below is an example of a typical process and instrumentation diagram for all MicrOclor systems. The generator size will vary depending on the chlorine demand. The arrows show where and how the water moves through the entire system as well as where the hydrogen gas that vents out the top of the system.

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