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- Model CD - Ceiling-Mounted Air Filtration System



Indoor, breathable air that is contaminated by a number of different pollutants poses a health and respiratory hazard to occupants. This is especially true if there is exposure to blood-borne pathogens, lead dust, or bacterial and viral pollutants. The MICROCON CD is a ceiling-mounted air filtration system that is specifically designed for the removal of both airborne pollutants and gaseous contaminants from indoor environments. The MICROCON CD can be used on its own or in conjunction with AirMATION. It is ideal for large office areas, smoking areas, cooking areas, command centers, 911 centers, training centers, parts rooms, bunk rooms, turnout gear, evidence rooms, day rooms and sleeping quarters.

Mounted in a standard 2' x 4' T-bar ceiling channel, air is drawn through the center grill section, pre-filtered, and final filtered before being exhausted through two carbon filter cells.

Cleaned air, free of particulate and gaseous pollutants is reintroduced into the room. Frequent air changes, filtration, dilution and gas phase contaminant removal will provide a healthier environment for your employees.

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