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Just like the BioMicrobics FAST Systems, the “energy-efficient” Fixed Integrated Treatment Technology (FITT-ee) design produces a robust, biological treatment system that combines and integrates several proven wastewater treatment process in one.

The engineered airlift provides constant aeration and mixing throughout the media for maximum biomass activities. This method of operation also allows the system to withstand periods of high and low input which upset most treatment systems; including those in nitrogen sensitive areas or limitations with distance to groundwater and/or smaller dispersal field size requirements. Used for new construction or retrofit in existing tanks, the FITT-ee systems are engineered to fit most typical small-flow residential and commercial applications.

MicroFITT-ee wastewater treatment systems are designed for residential strength wastewater in eight specific sizes based on daily wastewater usage. Exceptional microbial growth during low/average/peak usage to increases sludge settleabilty and eliminates sludge bulking.

Easy to maintain and extraordinarily reliable, the MicroFITT-ee exceeds minimum Nitrogen Reduction Standards and takes all aspects of the treatment into consideration.


It is recommended to check what local regulations are required in case additional information is needed.

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