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Video encoders can be utilised to easily integrate the analog live colour video feed from the MICROPACK FDS301 into a new or existing control or CCTV system. A video encoder (also referred to as video server) digitizes the analog video signal from the FDS301 and sends digital images directly over an IP network, such as a LAN, intranet or Internet. It essentially turns an analog video system into a network video system and enables users to view live images, using a web browser or video management software on any local or remote computer on a network.

An IP-based visual flame detection system will give you the ability to secure people and property, or monitor equipment and facilities, remotely from anywhere there is a networked computer.

Remote Accessibilty
MICROPACK can assist in supplying visual flame detection systems which can broadcast the video feed across a secure network connection for remote viewing, for example from an unmanned offshore platform back to an onshore facility.

Scalable System
The MICROPACK FDS300 has a 110° horizontal and an 80° vertical field of view with increased range of 60m to a 0.1m2 n-heptane pan fire.

Future Proof
The MICROPACK FDS300 retains the essential features of a market leading flame detector, at a reduced cost. In comparison to the FDS301, we have omitted the on-board SD card and the live colour video output from the design of the FDS300, to lower the price per unit. The whole FDS product range of flame detectors utilise identical flame detection algorithms and are unrivalled in the marketplace.

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