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Eurovix USA

Micropan Oil



Powder biological promoter specific for the optimisation of biological depurative processes of wastewater with high concentration of oils and fats both of vegetable and animal origin. This product reduces the formation of stringy bacteria (in particular of Nocardia Microthrix and Sphaerotilus). Thanks to its enzymatic components this product is particularly indicated for the biological degradation of wastewater rich of oils and fat substances coming from restaurants, canteens etc.


Apply directly in the oxygenation tank. We recommend to use the automatic dispenser BIOFEEDER. The dosage is given by our technical departments according to the analyses of the wastewater and the technical characteristics of the wastewater treatment plant.


Store in a dry place and protect from sunlight. The product can be preserved for 24 months after the production date shown on the label. The last four digits of the output date are the month and year of production.

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