MicroSet Controls

MicroSet Controls

- Dissolved Chlorine Amperometric Sensors


With the exception of the 4-20mA sensors, where the length is 220mm, the sensors have a length of 175mm and a diameter of 25mm, with plug adaptor connection.

  • They are designed to fit into the available flow cells.
  • The low current produced by the sensors is electronically amplified in the measurement cell.
  • No zero point calibration is necessary, and measurements can be taken in pressure up to 1 BAR.
  • The sensors are temperature compensated, and will operate in the range 0 to 45 degrees C (for the 8 Series, 0-55).
  • The water has to be flowing to obtain a reading, which is why flow cells are recommended.
  • Changes to the minimum flow rate will only slightly affect the measurement signal.
  • Surfactants should not be present in the water being measured (does not apply to the 8 Series probes).
  • For the dual electrode system, the measurement cell is made of gold, and the counter and reference electrodes of silver with silver halogenid coating.
  • A bias voltage (polarisation) is applied between the two electrodes.
  • For the potentiostatic 3 electrode system, the measurement electrode is made of gold, the reference electrode is made of silver with a silver halogenid coating, and the counter electrode of stainless steel.

  • Amperometric Dual Electrode System with Replacement Membranes.
  • Seven Series for measurements when surfactants present.
  • Gold Cathode, Silver/Silver Halogenid Anode.
  • One and four series temperature range 45ºC.
  • Seven series temperature range 55ºC.

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