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The management of odor is an important part of any commercial cleaning and restoration operation. Eliminates an unlimited variety of industrial malodors, the Mighty Mike Bond-SORB Odor Eliminator is an environmentally responsible, non-toxic, biodegradable, water soluble, odor neutralizer to absorb and destroy odors on contact for the waste industry. This industrial-strength, concentrated formula can be diluted a little or a lot depending on the severity of the malodor. It bonds and absorbs the malodor molecules with a natural biodegradation process that permanently neutralizes the odor and will not corrode, pit, oxidize, or have harmful effects on any surface of equipment or system.

Ideal for eliminating unwanted odors from commercial processes, headworks screening, solid waste disposal, industrial processes, and sludge process equipment, Mighty Mike Bond-SORB is perfect for use during maintenance procedures to help maintain the highest standards, help make the task bearable and support your reputation for being environmentally responsible.

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