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MIKANIT PLATE is an auxiliary product, mostly used in resistant production of which size is 1 x 1,20 m, and is isolative against electricity and resistant to heat and it can be used in temperatures between 400º and 600ºC.

Its thickness may be 0,10 – 0,20 – 0,25 – 0,30 – 0,35 – 0,40 – 0,45 – 0,50 – 0,60 – 0,70 – 0,80 – 1 – 1,20 1,50 mm.
Modern technical approach in furnace business is to use MİCA plates. These plates create a middle layer between coil plaster and furnace lining and create a lubricious surface which does not allow refractors affect each other due to different extension. Another advantage is that it creates a barrier which prevents liquid metal’s reaching coils, which plunges between furnace lining. Required shape and dimensions of furnace are cut by a sharp object. Cut plates are placed into the furnace on coil. If the dimensions of furnace are bigger than a plate, plates are located on each other so that they are overlapped min. 5cm.

During the use of MİCA plates, the micaceous side should be on the lining side. Glass or ceramic surface should be on furnace lining side. The most important thing in these materials which are placed between coil and pot out of the shaped refractor is that they are fragile. There is a gap between the coil surface and mica in fragile plates. This fault causes that the lining is hanged.

Moreover, because vertical crashes take place during the pounding, mica may not fully meet the sliding function which is required between coil plaster and furnace lining. If there is a metal plunging problem within the lining on the fragile area and if this plunging is on the cracked area, it does not perform its barrier function. 20-25% of fragile mica plates become waste. This is another negative aspect.

It is recommended to use mica types which are in rolls, non-fragile and fully stick on coil surface and have less waste rate.
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