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- For Salt Water Pools and Spas



MineralChlor was introduced in response to the increasing popularity of mineral water pools, offering a ‘spa-like’ alternative to traditional salt-water pools.

MineralChlor’s operating range extends from 4,000ppm to as low as 1,700ppm, at which level the costs associated with expensive mineral blends are significantly reduced, potentially saving you thousands of dollars.

Many different chloride-based mineral blends are now available for mineral water swimming pools – MineralChlor® works with all of them!

MineralChlor also works with traditional pool salt (sodium chloride) or sodium bromide for hot tubs.

This gives you the freedom to choose between a mineral and a low salinity traditional salt-water swimming pool. Switching between the two can be particularly useful during off peak seasons when inexpensive traditional pool salt can be used instead of mineral blends.

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