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Mini OX-Spill Berm



These small-scale secondary containment berms are the perfect option for temporary storage under tanks, drums, parts, tools, and other equipment. Made from our same high strength, flexible fabrics, these spill basins are quick to setup and easy to transport. This allows them to be quickly moved around locations for placement under equipment.

  • Flexible Liner Fabrics
    • PVC, Elvaloy, Urethane
  • Fiberglass Side Rods
  • Multiple Size Options
  • Folding or Rolling Exterior

Mini Containment Berms: These small scale mini containment berms are designed with a flexible exterior that allows the berms to be easily rolled up and transported. This is perfect for quick containment under drums, tanks, tools, equipment and storage parts. When rolled up, basins are light enough to be carried by hand to and from needed areas.

  • Drum Containment
  • Tank Containment
  • Small Equipment Containment
  • Temporary Tank Storage
  • Small Drip Response
  • Temporary Parts Placement

Fabric Liner : 18 oz. or 22 oz. PVC, Elvaloy or Urethane
Sizing Options : 5' x 5' or Custom Sizes
Wall Construction : Flexible Fiberglass Rods

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