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Minimax Pumps

- Model 1 - Hygienic Pump



Our wide range of Hygienic Pumps (Model-1) are fabricated from superior quality raw material that are self priming , rotary, valve less positive displacement pumps and have only two pumping elements: the rotor and the stator. When rotor turns, cavities are formed between rotor & stator. Once the rotor moves the chambers turn helical in an axial direction, i.e. backward of forward according to direction of rotation. This is through these pipes that the liquid is pumped with produces a pulsation less, turbulence free flow. Providing high vacuum in the suction pipe, these acts as self-priming pumps and this is the configuration that makes these pumps ideally suited for high suction lift.

  • Higher mechanical efficiency   
  • Large properties of solids handled at a time   
  • High proportion of gas and entrapped air handled at a single time   
  • Capability to handle large properties of solids   
  • Can handle high proportion of gas & entrapped air   
  • Less radial thrust   
  • Low rubbing velocity   
  • Less wear   
  • Lower axial thrust   
  • Smaller unbalance   
  • Minimized noise production   
  • Minimal failure   
  • Sealed against liquid   
  • High torque transmission   
  • Longer Life   
  • Compatible to different liquids

  • Capacity: 250 Cu. M/Hr
  • Head: 48 Kg/sq. cm
  • Temperature: Up to 200 Deg C
  • Viscosity: Up to 5,00,000 CST

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