- Model Blackwater - On-Site Chemical Generator


The MIOX Blackwater trailer is a mobile chemical-free disinfection system designed to meet high volume disinfection needs with ease. This dual-MIOX system design can meet fluctuating oxidant demand and water volume all within a footprint no larger than 9’ by 40’. Safe oxidizing chemistry generated at your site when you need it, with ZERO clean-up or spill procedures. Capable of dosing between 100-150 mg/l and higher depending on contaminants/constituents in the water, MOS achieves complete kill of both SRB and APB.

  • 5 year cell life warranty
  • Simple cam-lock rig-up consisting of 1 brine hose, 1 water hose, dosing hose(s) and power connection.
  • Virtually hands-off once rigged-up
  • ISO 9001 Certified Manufacturing Facility
  • Two [2] RIO on-site generator (OSG) systems include cells with rectifier/power supplies, variable speed brine pumps and controls all mounted in free standing, powder coated corrosion resistant HDPE cabinets.
  • Highly efficient electrolytic cell design with low current density for maximum coating life and optimized internal geometry to minimize susceptibility to contaminant clogging.
  • Allen Bradley MicroLogix 1200 controls
  • Real-time remote monitoring optional
  • Integrated controls, pumps and automated dosing
  • Self-contained unit with redundancy on all critical path components
  • Trainer with controls, wiring, plumbing venting, and anchorage pre-installedbyMlOX
  • Can be winterized for low temperature operations
  • Rugged construction with proven life across multiple industrie

  • Kills bacteria (especially H?S causing bacteria)
  • Eliminates existing H2S
  • Treats out ammonia
  • Oxidizes iron [Fe?] and heavy metals
  • Minimal user manpower & service required
  • Small footprint
  • Safest biocide alternative in oil & gas industry
  • Treats at high volume high rate capacity
  • On-site chemical generation
  • LDW/NO manpower requirement
  • Highest Performance vs. Per Barrel Cost
  • Outperforms ozone. UV. chlorine dioxide, electrocoagulation and conventional biocides on cost vs. performance
  • Helps allow reuse and recycling of produced and flowback water
  • Potential to reuse brine/produced water waste streams as feedstock further lowering cost


Economic, environmental, and operational demands challenge drilling operators to produce results in a highly regulated and competitive environment. MIOX chemical generators offer an efficient, effective, low cost solution for treating high volumes of water and achieve a superior bacterial kill. And because MIOX technology operates with salt, water and electricity, there are virtually no health, safety, spill, or environmental concerns at the well site or down-hole.

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