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The mirrorball high sensitivity fluorescence cytometer is a highly versatile instrument that brings process efficiencies to multiple stages in the biologics screening pipeline – from early screening and hit identification, through to characterisation and phenotypic cellular responses.

Key applications include:

  • biologics screening:
    – hybridoma, phage display, B-cell cloning, antibody fragments, peptides, scFv, Fab
  • binding characterisation:
    – Bmax and Kd determination
  • functional assays:
    – cell health, cell cycle, proliferation, cell signalling
  • quantification of soluble proteins:
    – cytokines, hormones, growth factors

do more antibody screening with less

mirrorball represents a complete biologics screening solution. It offers analysis of bead-bound soluble antigens and cell-surface antigens expressed on both adherent and suspension cell lines in microplates. It is compatible both with washed and no-wash assay formats.

mirrorball’s multiplexing capabilities enable hit determination in high density microplates while simultaneously screening out non-specific and non-selective hits in the same well. This means antibody engineering researchers can identify cross-reactivity and selectivity but – significantly – without the loss of throughput.

is it flow cytometry or ELISA?

Neither – but both assay types transition easily to mirrorball’s high throughput, high sensitivity technology. ELISA or flow cytometry can represent bottlenecks for antibody engineering as these require lengthy, multistep preparation stages, large cell numbers and amounts of costly reagents.

mirrorball combines the power of flow and imaging by using TTP Labtech’s laser scanning technology to offer these benefits:

  • a streamlined no-wash assay format
  • unprecedented levels of throughput
  • maintaining cell morphology through in situ analysis of adherent cells
  • investigate multiple targets in one well
  • more stringent results by screening out non-specific and non-selective hits in the same sample
  • assay miniaturisation using high density microplates
  • visual confirmation of your results using an image for QC

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