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Mistrix uses structured mesh, which can be described as ladder-like or honeycomb-like, composed with 3D interlocked plastic monofilaments. 93% - 97% of these fibers are perpendicular to the gas flow which results in a minimised pressure drop with an optimised collection efficiency. By use of different fiber diameters, we are able to design an optimal mist eliminating solution for any particle mist size above 0.8-micron diameter.There are several pad designs available for routine installations however any combination of these pads can be used for your bespoke design situation. Mistrix BLUeFil technology enables a low pressure drop and a high ef?ciency since all the Micro ?laments are arranged at rectangular angles to the gas ?ow in order to achieve the best possible separation of droplets. This unique weave stands in stark contrast to the random orientation of a wire knitted mesh. A BLUeFil mist eliminator combined the best properties of knitted mesh and lamella separator.

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