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- Model eX 3015 - Laser Cutting Machine


Power CNC machines (laser, plasma) in the gases is carried out underground gas bus in an industrial way station expansion of liquid oxygen and nitrogen from the high-pressure vessels with parownicami Messer. This enables us to produce without interruption technology in two shifts, large batches of parts in any configuration (no cylinders and beams). For this system, we have the telemetry system: remote monitoring, control and monitoring of the gas.

  • working area: 1525 x 3050
  • power resonator: 4.5 kW
  • rezonator the socalled. running transverse excitation gas
  • sealed stainless steel construction
  • not a highspeed turbine
  • no glass lamp system
  • only two pairs of electrodes ceramic
  • very low consumption of the laser gas, only three l / 1 hr.
  • low power consumption
  • creative power system justontime
  • fast start the whole system  the willingness to work in 3 min.
  • an Eco standby mode reduces the power consumption by up to 99%
  • najwyższa quality cutting of various materials in a wide range of thicknesses
  • opatentowana cutting technology include reflective aluminum and copper
  • najwyższa quality stainless steel cutting virtually unattainable by other machines
  • Advanced software Lantek Expert in Polish
  • line and easy operation  possibility of loading programs using barcodes
  • all key components of the laser produced 100% by Mitsubishi in Japan

As a result, we have ensured continuous:

  • gas supply on the basis of data collected from the device to the telematics,
  • continuous monitoring of critical process variables (operating system)
  • interventions leading
  • personalized access to information via the website.

  • laser power: 1500 W
  • max steel sheet: 12 mm
  • maximum stainless steel 6 mm
  • cutting profiles and tubes diameter of 90mm
  • the range of travel axes:
  • x-axis: 2650 mm
  • y-axis: 1270 mm
  • the z-axis: 100 mm
  • working area of the laser:
  • x-axis: 2500 mm
  • y-axis: 1250 mm
  • z-axis: 12 mm
  • maximum table load: 300 kg
  • CO2 laser used: YB 1E-7M L150B
  • weight: 9900 kg
  • size approx .: 6 x 2.5 x 2 m

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