Mixing System For Anaerobic Digesters GasMix


The GasMix system from Landia was developed specifically for biogas plants where the unique GasMix solution ensures a stable and high production of biogas – WITHOUT the high-maintenance big-bladed propellers which are characteristic of traditional biogas systems with mechanical mixers.


The GasMix method accelerates the digestion process with the result that a larger quantity of biogas is processed more quickly than in traditional plants with mechanical mixing.


When the pump is running, it draws out thick liquid from the bottom of the tank into the chopper pump, whereby all lumps are comminuted.

  1. In the first stage of the mixing process, the liquid is injected into the tank’s upper half under high pressure while new biogas is being drawn from the top of the tank and mixed.
  2. In the second stage of the mixing process the liquid is injected into the tank’s lower half under high pressure which causes vigorous mixing of the tank contents.

Continuing to build on our many years of experience

Since spring 2007 we’ve put a number of GasMix plants into operation in Europe and North America. We are also taking part in several research projects to identify ways in which we can help our customers increase their production of biogas in existing and new plants.

Innovative mixing system for anaerobic digesters. Unique method to combine sludge recirculation with gas injection.

Chopper pump with venturi system

Landia has more than 15 years of experience in aspirating venturi technology, more than 30 yesrs of experience in sludge mixing and more than 55 years of experience in manufacturing heavy-duty chopper pumps. The GasMix system combines all the best features from these technologies into the ultimate digester mixing system.

Crucial advantages compared to conventional sludge mixing systems:

  • Highly improved efficiency
  • Unique 3-dimensional mixing pattern eliminates formation of surface scum
  • No mechanical equipment inside the tank
  • Easy maintenance accessible from outside the tank
  • Proven performance and guaranteed clog-free operation


The chopper pump draws sludge from the digester and pumps it through the aspirating venturi chamber.

The biogas is aspirated from the top of the digester, mixed with the sludge and injected into the tank.

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