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- Trace Elements Chelates

Moana Chelates are a protected mineral with up to two amino acids attached to it - mimicking what happens naturally in the body.  The mineral is in a stable organic form which is recognised by the gut wall and plant cells so they are readily absorbed.

The word chelate is derived from the Greek word meaning 'claw'.  Technically chelates hold trace elements in suspension while in transit.  When applied to the plant, the trace elements are carried directly to the cells in the leaf.  The process of Tetrachate by Pacific BioFert enhances this product.

  • Moana Chelates are the most economical and effective way to correct trace element deficiencies in agriculture.
  • Moana Chelates are organic based compounds that make trace elements readily available to plants
  • Moana Chelates using amino acids and Tetrachate are proven for New Zealand conditions.
  • Moana Chelates do not require additional wetting agents.
  • Most Moana Chelates can be used on BioGro certified farms once deficiencies are recognised.

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