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The CPU is an Intel® Atom™ microprocessor and offers very little energy consumption combined with high computing power. There are 512 MByte DDR2 RAM as well as a Solid State Drive with 512 MByte and a SD slot implemented. The operating system can be stored on the SSD, whereas applications can be stored and carried out on either SSD or SD-card. In order to have as much display space as possible available for diagnostic applications, the mobile terminal uses a resistive 7” touch display with room for softkeys at the two outer verges.

Interfaces and CAN features

The connection to different field bus networks is realized via CAN interface with one male and one female M12 connectors. Sontheim has put emphasis on a sophisticated CAN interface, housing many features for engineering purposes. CAN-data traffic is controlled by a 32 Bit ARM7 microcontroller. The integrated error frame detection is used for detecting error messages and forwarding them to the host system. By periodically measuring CAN-High and CAN-Low levels, the user has another indicator for the status of the CAN network. Finally, Mobi-CAN conducts a power metering via CAN-High.
There are two USB 2.0 interfaces for connecting external peripherals like mouse, keyboard or memory stick. Another M12 connector is used for realizing an Ethernet port. It has a bandwidth of 100 MBit for its connection to a network or direct data transfer.

Maximum Usability via intelligent power supply and ergonomical design

Besides its computing power for field bus diagnostics, Mobi-CAN offers various features that greatly enhance its operating fields and user-friendliness for service technicians. When being mounted in a fixed place, power supply of 10 to 32 V is done via CAN-connectors.  However, personnel that are in daily routine will appreciate the possibility to bypass the way from one diagnostic task to the next with a buffer accumulator and their car power supply, which also fits to the Mobi-CAN.
The housing provides an ergonomical design along with a pressure compensation element. All interfaces are designed in a way that no water can accidentally enter the inner workings. In summary, Mobi-CAN achieves an IP-class 62 and state-of-the-art power consumption figures due to Atom™ technology, LED-backlight, SSD, SD etc.

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