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Mobile Network Analyzers


Our company offers several solutions for the implementation of mobile electric measurement technique and network analyzis tasks. The basic difference between the certain types is manifested in the knowledge of the instruments (sampling frequency, integrated memory, etc.), and in the design of the communication platform (Ethernet, GPRS).

Summarizing description of the mobile network analyzer features:

Measuring technique:

  • Can be used for monitoring low-voltage and middle-voltage networks
  • Measuring all basic electric quantities: I, U, V, F, PF, P, Q, S, E, …
  • Power and current average values and their maximums
  • Total harmonic distortion (THD) related to U and I
  • 8 Mbyte-32 Mbyte memory for recording data and wave forms
  • Wave form recording for detailed harmonic oscillation analyzis
  • Harmonic oscillation can be measured up to ordinal number 63
  • Voltage collapse and overshoot measurement and recording
  • Transient phenomena (1 µs) detection


  • RS485 and Ethernet (in basic structure)
  • Option: GPRS communication


  • IP55 (high-level protection, impact resistant and fire-proof)


  • Circuit changer lock clamps with adjustable change ratio
  • Voltage cables with insulated clamp connection

Optional accessories:

  • Evaluation software pack for network analyzer

Power source:

  • Power voltage from the measuring circuit or external power voltage (230 VAC)
  • In case of power voltage failure 60 s bridging time (using integrated capacitors)

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