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LT Technologies, Inc.

Mobile Recovery Filtration System



Nanofiltration, on the spectrum of separation technologies, is one of the most versatile membrane options, in that it is effective in both the ionic as well as molecular range of filtration. This capability makes it a comprehensive solution for wastes that are more challenging or as a pretreatment insurance policy, designed to always protect a purely ionic system such as Reverse Osmosis.

It is a wonderful staged filtration technology that can increase the lifespan and share the burden on challenging waste streams where the ultimate filtration goal is the removal of dissolved solids for the purposes of making potable water, on the pure water side, or the removal of multivalent metals in the waste waters. LT Technologies Nanofiltration systems also work extremely well with high oxidizing potential streams, where few membrane options were thought to exist.  As a compliance tool or pure water system protector, our systemizations offer incredible value and a thoughtful, flexible design.

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