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Our mobile screeners are equipped with a european road approval according to §13 EG-FGV. The plants can also be mounted on tracks or skids. Thanks to the built-in power pack, the plants are independent from any external energy supply. Because of the direct coupling with an alternator, the screeners are running with an optimal degree of efficiency. With the exception of the tilting grid the plants are running without any hydraulic components and have therefore an exceedingly low diesel consumption. Having an optional switch, the screeners can be operated by the mains.

Material with a density lower than 1 kg/dm3 floats up and is stockpiled by a belt conveyor with brush bars.

Material with a density higher than 1 kg/dm3 sinks down and is stockpiled by a steep angle belt conveyor.

For the feeding of the floatation separator different equipment like hoppers and vibrating chutes are available.

For avoiding the generation of mud in the waterbath, only material bigger than 8 mm can be fed to the machine. Material smaller than 8 mm can be screened out by a screen mounted on the separator. This material can either be fed back to the high density material or stockpiled on a separate pile.

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