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Mobile Water and Wastewater Treatment Solutions



Meet your temporary, emergency, and testing needs with WesTech’s fleet of rental equipment. Our mobile, containerized, and skid-mounted units can be on site within days, with quick setup and flexible contract time frames – as brief as one month, or as long as a year or more. We will customize a mobile water treatment system to the unique demands of your site. Whether your need is for a temporary solution to restore clean drinking water or for mobile wastewater treatment to continue to meet standards and regulations, WesTech has a full line of rental equipment for municipal and industrial markets.

Temporary equipment provides a safety net from potential disruptions for industrial wastewater treatment, especially for operations such as power plants, hydraulic fracturing, and refineries.

These interruptions may occur from emergency repairs or scheduled maintenance, causing the plant to lose revenue or not meet effluent regulations.

Mobile wastewater treatment for industrial sites allows for greater flexibility. If you solve the treatment needs in one area of your site, perhaps a specific coal ash pond, you can then move that same equipment to another problem area.

When the unexpected happens at a municipal plant – a piece of equipment breaks, a weather event impacts your system, a water shortage develops – a mobile water treatment or mobile wastewater treatment system provides a quick response solution.

WesTech equipment can provide protection from breaks in water treatment service and avoid public health concerns, expenses in bottled water, extra manpower, and hasty emergency repairs.

A temporary system can also meet the transitional need for a fill-in treatment system if an aging plant is waiting to be replaced by a newer plant.

In addition to a broad range of temporary equipment, we offer the expertise and process knowledge that comes from more than 45 years of water and wastewater treatment experience. That experience, paired with our passion for problem-solving, means we’re uniquely qualified to develop a solution for your specific needs. Our plan is to work closely with you through the design process and be on site as needed during the project.

Our dedication to service means we’ll do what it takes to exceed customer expectations, whether it’s seamless equipment installation or superior operations.

We’re committed to providing quality equipment, timely solutions, and trouble-free operations for your mobile and rental equipment needs.

Our rentals meet strict requirements for safety, including ANSI safety showers with temperature-controlled water tanks.

Our rental fleet includes:

  • Clarifier
  • Pressure Filter
  • RapiSand™ Ballasted Flocculating Clarifier
  • DAF Unit
  • Disc Filter
  • Aeration Unit
  • Chem Center
  • Containerized Reverse Osmosis System
  • Containerized Ultrafiltration System
  • Tanks and Accessory Equipment
  • Vacuum Horizontal Belt Filter

  • Minimal setup time
  • Avoid downtime due to emergency situations – get operations back online quickly
  • Equipment can be contracted for as little as one month, or for as long as the project requires
  • Smaller footprint
  • Installation and operations expertise provided
  • Process guarantee

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