- Bird Haze Generator



The Moby haze generator is specifically designed for areas plagued by small birds. Preset at the factory, the Moby dispenses a thicker haze to get small birds out of the area more quickly. While thicker, the haze is still a light and dry repellent.

The Moby is a self contained unit with a 2 gallon repellent reservoir that can sustain the unit for up to 3 months of unattended operation. All timers and functions are preset at the factory to meet the needs of each application. Moby foggers create a light fog or haze of an MA repellent. When birds fly through the haze they inhale the MA which irritates a bird’s mucous membranes. While completely harmless, the birds learn to associate the repellent with the location and avoid the area.

The Moby is self-contained and does not need additional external plumbing, compressors or control units required by other avian hazing systems. Depending on machine settings, a Moby can operate unattended for up to 3 months.

  • Automated and self-contained
  • Designed to move small birds out of specific areas
  • More affordable and more efficient
  • Compact and lightweight for maximum versatility and portability
  • No external plumbing controllers or compressors needed
  • Timer, heater and battery backup are standard equipment
  • Draws less than 4 amps with the heater running

  • Big box stores, garden centers
  • Open air plant nurseries
  • Aircraft hangars, loading docks
  • Under canopies, in courtyards
  • Open air malls and restaurants
  • Transportation depots
  • Warehouses, distribution centers
  • Nearly anywhere birds fly through, over and around open spaces

  • Self-contained and automated 110vac ULV fogger
  • Designed to move small and large birds out of specific areas
  • Timer, heater, battery backup are included - no external pipes, controllers or compressors needed
  • All functions preset at factory for each application
  • 2 gallon reservoir for up to 3 months of unattended operation
  • Thermostat controlled solution heaters turn on at 40o F. or less
  • Battery backup retains programming in the event of power loss
  • Each unit has a powder coated case and heavy duty construction throughout

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