Model 00RB - RockBody Aggregate Spreaders



BBI Rockbody - Rock, Gravel, Sand, Salt and Aggregate Spreader- Easy to Operate -Distribution of Rock, Gravel, Sand, Salt and Aggregate

BBI Rockbody - Rock, Gravel, Sand, Salt and Aggregate Spreader

Innovative Design for a hardworking, long lasting aggregate spreader.  The BBI Rockbody was designed with ease of maintenance, ease of use and precise spreading capability in mind.
BBI Rockbody Highlights

  • Extensive use of  UHMW throughout the BBI product line reduces corrosion issues and extends the life of the spreader.
  • UHMW Bearing Back keeps bearings clean resulting in longer bearing life and fewer failures.
  • The BBI RockBody has Cab Controlled Hydraulic Gate, Conveyor, Tarp and Spinners.
  • BBI Spreaders are 'Option Rich' and can be customized to your specific application.
  • BBI conveyor design reduces material damage to the conveyor system, extending it's life.  The design also allows for ease of maintenance.  (Flat Belt-Roller and UHMW Supports)
  • Flow Divider has BBI designed 'Rock Escape' to prevent rock jams.
  • Cab Shield and Wooden Side Boards protect the Hopper and Cab from damage during loading.

(L-304) 304 Stainless, (L-409) 409 Stainless, (L-C) Carbon
(TH) = Truck-Mount, Hydraulic Conveyor
(4530) = 45 Degree Sides, 30' Conveyor
Body Type Options
RockBody - Modified H Body with Heavy 7 Gauge Carbon Steel Standard.  19.75 cu ft / per linear ft

Model Specs

  • State of the Art - ELECTROSTATIC PAINT:  Carbon unit is totally primed with a rust-inhibiting alkyd primer and then top-coated with high gloss enamel.  Stainless unit includes all mild carbon steel parts primed and painted.    Color options include red, blue, yellow, black or green.  Some custom colors are available.
  • INVERTED V:  Overslung inverted V in carbon steel is standard.
  • CAPACITY:  20 TO 22 TON Road Ready.  (19.75 cu ft / lin ft)  Overslung V lightens the load on the conveyor.
  • RockBody Unit Power Source:  Conveyor driven by a heavy duty two section pump driven by truck PTO.
  • CONVEYOR:  Belt over 30' Bar with TWO sets of Tandem Gear Cases (4 Conveyor Motors). In Cab controls for both Spinners and Conveyor are standard.  'GR' Hydraulics included.
  • SPINNERS:  24' RockBody Spinner System, Heavy Duty High Torque Low Speed Spinner Motor.  In Cab controls for both Spinners and Conveyor are standard.
  • GATE:  Hydraulically driven gate.
  • TARP:  Front to Rear Tarp driven by Electric Motor with In-Cab Control - Standard.
  • CAB SHIELD and WOODEN SIDE BOARD:  Protective Shield extending over the truck cab and Wooden boards on Hopper sides protect from damage during loading.

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