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Model 1 Inch - Sewer Camera Skid Set



This small piece of equipment is perfectly designed and fitted to our Viper, Viper-S and SeaSnake inspection systems. The sewer camera skid navigates and stays centered in pipelines from 3.5” and up. It is constructed of lightweight and sturdy composite nylon. No extra parts, skills or manual adjustments are required to set up this accessory. The skid body protects the camera head from harsh environment and increases camera lifetime. It navigates easily even through 90° elbows and P-Traps. The sewer camera skid consists of one basic roller guide and two sets of extension arms. The basic skid is specially designed for pipelines starting at 3.5” and can be adjusted to different pipe diameters with interchangeable arms that are included in the set. Our family of Universal sewer camera skids helps you make your drain inspection easy and efficient.

  • Sewer Camera Skid for 1” Diameter Camera Heads
  • 0.8” Diameter Wheels Allow the Camera to Roll Easily in Pipelines from  3.5” and up
  • Helps to Protect the Camera Head from Damages
  • Navigates through pipeline with S- and P-Traps
  • Includes one basic roller skid plus two sets of extension arms of different length
  • Basic roller skids navigates in pipes starting at 3.5”
  • One set of interchangeable arms to navigate in pipes starting at 6”
  • One set of interchangeable arms to navigate in 8” pipes
  • Lightweight, durable, corrosion resistant composite nylon
  • Perfectly fits our Viper, Viper-S and SeaSnake push camera systems
What’s Included
Basic Roller skid for 3.5'' pipes, Interchangeable arms for 6'' pipes, Interchangable arms for 8'' pipes.

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