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Model 10.02 - Well Protection Materials



To protect monitoring wells (and piezometers) against traffic, destruction, contamination and weather effects, various protective materials are  available.

Pipe covers

Steel pipe covers with a lockable lid are supplied in various diameters and lengths. The steel pipes feature a smart anchoring device. Instead of digging, only a relatively small augered hole is sufficient. It is possible to obtain a series padlock per order.

Monitoring well locks

Monitoring well locks are available in various diameters with vandalism proof inner socket head screw. Because the locks are installed inside the monitoring well pipes, protruding parts are absent.

Liquid tight floor covers

The floor covers are suited for sealing 120-123 mm boreholes in concrete. The floor remains liquid tight, due to a chemically resistant rubber that seals the drilled floor at its coating. The cover lid causes minimal disturbance for a passing vehicle. The liquid tight floor cover is applied at gasstations, factories, garages, carwashes, chemical plants, etc. Two types of floor covers are available: a light and a heavy model. The light model has a 3 mm thick electrolytical galvanized lid. The light floor cover has a load taking capacity of 1000 kg according to NEN/EN 124. The cover is applied to seal holes in light loaded liquid tight floors.The heavy model has a 4 mm thick stainless steel lid. The cover has a load taking capacity of 1750 kg according to NEN/EN 124 and is used to seal holes in normal to heavy loaded liquid tight floors.For both covers at least a yearly inspection is recommended.

Monitoring well covers

Very practical HDPE covers are available, which:

  • Are very spacious on the inside (diameter 135 mm) allowing smooth operation without injuring hands.
  • Have ideal dimensions (200x200 mm) allowing easy fit in various kinds of road work (e.g. bricks in straight or elbow pattern, tiles, etc.).
  • Have a strong lid and a stable construction. The lid has a load taking capacity of 350 kg according to NEN/EN 124. Note: these coversare not suitable to cover holes in roads.
  • Have a large bearing surface against subsiding.
  • Can be made fluid-tight by fitting an O-ring.
  • Are UV-, frost- and aging resistant. HDPE also does not emit ftalates or heavy metals.
  • Can be secured against break-in or sabotage by applying a specially designed bolt.
  • Can be supplied carrying your company name and/or logo.

The available range of monitoring well covers starts with a standard lid design with  recess for pull-out hook, and ends with a liquid-tight monitoring well cover with recess for pull-out hook and vandalism proof inner socket head  screw. All monitoring well covers have an attachment hole for a monitoring well label or a transponder. Also included in our programm are synthetic monitoring well covers with cast-iron lid for use in road surfaces. Outside dimensions of this cover are 145x145 mm, height 250 mm. This cover has a static load taking capacity of 40 tons at 220°C (tested according to NEN/DIN).Monitoring well labels Included in our product range are two types of water resistant monitoring well labels, either with orwithout company name. Labels are supplied including tire-wraps.

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