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Model 1000 Series - 3 Point Ripper


Engineered By Wilcox Agri-Products For Cost Effective, Clod Free Finish. The unique Wilcox MAX-IMPACT™ designed chisel shank was developed specifically to cost effectively produce a chiseling operation that results in a relatively clod free finish. The 1000 Series is a lower draft requirement chisel designed to loosen compacted soil and improve soil fracturing and aeration - which increases water retention and improves leaching of salts out of the root zone.


  • 1/2” Heavy wall tubing
  • Sheer Protection
  • Alloy shank pocket and hitch assemblies
  • State of the art welding techniques
  • Bolt on shank side guards
  • Wilcox low draft shank designed to limit large clods
  • Replaceable wear shims and points
  • 3,500 lb. hub & spindles
  • 3, 5, & 7 shank models
  • CAT II or III available


  • Rubber or steel gauge wheels
  • Various points available (hardfaced, winged or chrome)
  • Bolt on shank side guards
  • Rear hitch


  • HP Requirement: 20-50 hp per shank
  • Maximum Depth: 27” / 68 cm (with metric shank)
  • Optimum Speed: 2 - 6 mph / 3.2-9.6 km/hr

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