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Model 1200 Tonnes - Eel System


Typical Draft set-up for a 120 tonnes Eel system. Price for technical installations in Euros: at request. Total required building 48 x 26 meter: 1200 m2. Minimum height in building: 4.0 meter. Constant electricity demand, including energy for oxygen production: 100 kW/h. Possible average feeding: 485 kg/day. Recommended standing stock: 50.000 kg. Average FCR (Feed conversion): 1.3. Annual production days: 365 days. New intake water maximum 28.000 m3/year: 4 m3/hour (average). Estimated glass-eel input: 300 kg. Fish output at 150 grams (120.000 kg per year): 800.000 pcs. Estimated price for 1 kg glass-eel: at request. Estimated price for each kg eel: at request. Calculated price to produce a kilogram of eel: at request.

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