Model 140 XL2- LGP - Ejector Scraper



When the job has to get done there’s no time to wait.  That’s why we built the 140XL2-LGP for customers who require the very best.  Designed for customers who need greater flotation in soft conditions.  The 23.5 x 25 OTR rear tires have a longer rolling radius to keep you moving when the going gets tough.


Extending the Pole length increases clearance between the tractor and Front Section on tight turns.  And all Ashland Pole hitches are made by inserting a steel thrust block into the neck of a steel, “C” shaped plate.  The yoke system and thrust collar are then placed in their correct positions to be welded 360 degrees around.  This design gives Ashland scrapers a full range of motion from the hitch and maximum potential pull-through to the back side of the Pole or the spindle base plate.

Socket System:

The new Control Ball & Socket System creates a perfect link between Gooseneck and Dolly-Pole.  After 60 years of Ashland’s cast socket halves, we have developed an adjustable socket system.  Machined from a solid billet of steel, it guarantees a precision fit at all times while improving the greasing characteristics of the system.  As the joint between the ball & socket begins to wear, simply remove shims as needed to tighten the fit on the 4.5″ ball.

Front Section:

With a long paneled Gooseneck design, the 140XL2-LGP has a greater range of motion for the scrapers dolly wheels to articulate and adapt to harsh site conditions.  The longer Front Section positions the dolly wheels further away from the “fall zone” (77” away), so the wheels do not interfere with the machines ejection process.  All supported by industrial welded 5″ x 16″ vertically mounted lift cylinders.

Front Pipe:

Round structures, such as the heavy wall pipe that Ashland uses in its Front Section, handle torsional loads (twisting loads) much better than square or rectangle tubing.  With rounded pipe, the stress of your load is displaced around the entire circumference of the structure — with any other style, stress is amplified in the corners and seams.  Concentrated stress can cause the tubing to fail in these areas, making our Front Section pipe a superior design.


Fabricated from heavy, high grade steel the 140 Apron mates perfectly with the machine.  We have also increased clearance between the Frame and Arm.  Adding grease-thru pins for better lubrication and an Apron viewing window to see material while loading.  With improved safety features, you will experience peace of mind while performing maintenance.


All Outboard Supports are fitted with 45 degree pockets that add rigidity where it’s needed most.  The dirt shields and sidewalls have been redesigned to protect against falling debris — tighter tolerance between the Apron and sidewalls prevents material from wedging in gaps and eventually bending.

The 140XL2-LGP has a 14 cu. yd. heaped capacity and a 11 cu. yd. struck capacity, with a dual plated floor system.  It uses three blades – The middle blade (the frost bit) is the biggest at 1” x 13” x 54” and the side blades are both 8” long and a custom “L” shape, set back 2”.  Behind the blades is a 3/4” steel plate (the frog) with punched holes.

Hydraulic Valve:

The 140XL2-LGP’s valve assembly functions on a dual cartridge system, using a Sequence and Counter Balance Valve.  When engaged, this allows the Apron to open fully prior to the Pushoff moving forward to eject material.  Once the ejector wall (Pushoff) has thrust the payload forward, the operator can reverse the control lever in the cab, allowing the ejector wall to retract while the Apron remains open.  This system gives the operator the ability to begin loading the scraper immediately.  Once the ejector wall is fully retracted to the rear of the Bowl, the sequencing cartridge will divert oil to the Apron — at that point, the Apron will close fully.

If you’d prefer to control your scraper’s Apron independently from the ejector, there is a three circuit option for greater control.


The 140 uses a 4.5” x 54” cylinder with a 2.5” rod to extend the large Pushoff assembly.  Added supports and stepped-rollers makes our Pushoff more durable than the competition’s.  Ashland has eliminated side scrubbing in the process.  Even the rear glide blocks now run on abrasion-resistant material, alleviating premature wear.  The tilting headache rack has a full 120 degree range of motion.  Pre-set Stops at 30 degrees backwards, 30 degrees forward, and 90 degrees backwards.  Ideal for all situations – top loading, normal loading, and low transport height.

The Pushoff cylinder is tied to the rest of the hydraulics through a hydraulics manifold system.  This system consists of a hydraulic block that has a sequence and counterbalance valve that simplifies operation, allowing you to concentrate on the job ahead.

Wheel System:

Featuring a 550/45-22.5 flotation tire the load rating has nearly doubled on the front end.  The spindles placement on the Pole was changed, along with the addition of zero-offset wheel centers to evenly transfer weight.   The rim shell is now thicker — adding additional strength for faster transport of a loaded scraper.  A super capacity, 10-bolt hub system is integrated into the 140XL2-LGP for easy tire service and maintenance.  The rear tires on this scraper are 23.5 x 25 for increased flotation.

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