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Model 1502 Series - Roller Pumps



The 1502 series, 6 roller, pump achieves up to 62 gpm (235 lpm) and 200 psi (13.8 bar). The series includes models 1502C, 1502N, and 1502XL.

  • Super Rollers (standard) provide premium wear and life with Poly and PTFE options available for superior chemical resistance
  • Viton® seals offer the best overall chemical resistance
  • Clockwise shaft rotation directly couples to gas engines and electric motors
  • Counter-clockwise shaft rotation for easy PTO adaption
  • 15⁄16' solid stainless steel shaft for corrosion resistance

  • Cast Iron pumps lasted to 140 hours before failure
  • Ni-Resist pumps lasted to 332 hours before failure
  • Silver Series XL pumps ran over 1000 hours and still met new pump specs!

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