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Model 1850 HT - Hydrostatic Transmissions Mowers



The Deines HT Series Mowers features include two Hydro-Gear pumps and two Ross MF-16 Wheel Motors. The use of these components eliminates the need for any mechanical speed reduction within the ground drive system. Power is transmitted from the pumps through cadmium plated, flanged steel lines to the wheel motors using no rubber hoses. All hydraulic adapters are the o-ring type in order to eliminate leaks. The wheel motors will tolerate a maximum of 1,000 pounds load per wheel. There are no mechanical reduction devices such as gear boxes or roller chain sprockets on the HT Series, therefore it is an all hydrostatic unit. Hydrostatic oil capacity is three US gallons which was designed into the system to eliminate the need for troublesome heat exchangers and allow the system to remain cool and clean in tough, hot and dirty conditions.


  • Kohler Command 18HP, CH620-3039
  • Overhead Valve Design
  • Hydraulic Valve Lifters
  • Electronic Ignition
  • Dual Element Air Cleaner
  • Closed Breather System
  • Full Pressure Lubrication
  • Large Capacity In-Line Fuel Filter
  • Full Flow Oil Filter
  • Dual Oil Drain
  • Variable-Speed Governor
  • Fuel Shutdown Solenoid
  • Self-relieving Smart-Choke Carburetor
  • Pulse Fuel Pump
  • 12-Volt Shift Starter
  • 20 Amp Alternator


  • Hydro-Gear Pumps, Speeds Infinite Variation
  • From 0-7.5 MPH, 3 US Gallon Capacity

Fuel Tank

  • 5 Gallon Capacity, EPA Approved with
  • Evaporative Emission Port Connected to EPA
  • Approved Carbon Canister.

Wheel Motors

  • Ross Wheel Motors, 2 Per Machine

Drive Tires

  • 2-Ply, Pneumatic 18-8:50 x 10 Turf Saver Tires
  • Parking Break
  • Band & Drum Type


  • Dual Tail Wheel Assembly
  • Deluxe Seat, with High Back and Arm Rests
  • Seat Suspension For Standard Seat
  • Electric Lift
  • Snow-blower

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