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Model 200 Gallon - Trailer Sprayer



200 gallon Snyder tank Tongue jack Adjustable boom bracket Manifold bracket Hose hanger 15 X 8 rims Complete plumbing kit including manifold, pressure gauge, relief valve, strainer, and tank cut off Heavy duty 4 X 2 tubular construction Rigid, high wrap around saddle

Pumps: 6 & 8 Roller Pumps powered by PTO or Gas Engine, Hydraulic Ace 204 or 206

Booms: Angle Iron Booms in Mini (Covers 80'), 10', 15', 17', 20', 23'. Spring Loaded Booms in 21', 25', 30' 40'. Heavy Duty Booms in 40', 45'. (Boom Flotation Available)
Booms available in 20' and 40' centers for flat fan and flood tips.

Hand Guns: Pistol Grip, Twist Grip with any amount of hose. (Hose Reels Available)

Boomeless Spray: 5880 Cluster Nozzle, Pasture Nozzle, 3 Tip Boomless Nozzles.

New and Used Tires Available for Trailers.

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