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Model 200 - High Reach Trailers


Galyean High Reach Trailers are designed for maximum dumping height, which enables these units to service the largest spreaders on the market today. The High Reach 200 features one hole opening tops with hydraulic controlled pouring lids. This means no more getting on top of the trailers to open a hatch cover to load, or climbing on top of the trailer in the field to open the pouring lid to unload. Not only does this new feature reduce your liability and save labor but it increases hopper rife because pouring ids gently glide open and shut reducing stress and hopper damage. Increasing the door size and eliminating the hatch cover opening prevents any chance of fertilizer spillage that was the result of operator error on the older side dump models. Galyean's new innovative design of the High Reach 200 makes all other side dump models obsolete.

Hydraulic vibrators replace hammer and shovel for easy hopper clean out. Other customizable options include wet line hookups, stainless steel auger flighting & bearings, and hydraulically controlled hopper doors. This trailer is fast, dependable, and easy to maintain. Galyean Equipment has foreseen the future of tender equipment and has made it available now.

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