Model 2890SP - Self-Propelled Stump Grinders



Bandit’s largest wheeled stump grinder is also a very popular choice for many stump grinding companies needing a high-performance machine capable of quickly clearing large stumps, while also still having the size and maneuverability to handle backyard removals. This powerhouse features a 122-horsepower diesel engine and standard four-wheel drive with dual drive wheels and large flotation tires. With the dual wheels removed, the Model 2890SP can slip through a 36-inch backyard gate and cross delicate lawns for urban removals, or it can easily tackle large stumps in remote areas with a broad 75-inch side-to-side cutter swing. It grinds to a depth of 24 inches and can reach as high as 31 inches, making it well-suited for quick production on big stumps and land clearing projects. The Model 2890SP can typically dispense with two-foot diameter stumps in just a matter of minutes.

Machine-mounted manual controls on a flip-out operators console are standard. Wireless radio remote, grading blades, swing-out debris curtains and other convenience options are available, allowing companies to customize the Model 2890SP for specific needs. The cutter wheel is powered by direct hydrostatic drive, which provides a smoother grinding action while eliminating belts, jackshafts, clutches and related components found on belt-driven stump grinders. This significantly reduces maintenance costs and machine downtime, meaning more time on the job instead of in the shop. A 25.5-inch diameter Bandit Revolution cutter wheel is standard, delivering aggressive cutting action with exceptional chip containment. A 32-inch diameter Greenteeth-compatible cutter wheel is an available option.

As with all Bandit stump grinders, the Model 2890SP is designed and equipped with operator safety, convenience and performance in mind. Numerous items such as guards, switches, rubber debris skirts and locking pins are standard, and when it comes to maintenance, major components are designed to be easily accessible for regular servicing, saving both time and money.

Bandit stump grinders have served stump grinding professionals on projects large and small for over 10 years and many are still in front-line service. That’s because Bandit stump grinders are manufactured by specialized teams, utilizing the highest quality components and assembled with solid welded construction. From compact handlebar stump grinders to self-propelled units, towable stump grinders and track machines, there’s a Bandit stump grinder available for any size job in any location—anywhere in the world.

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