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Model 2x - Flashman Birdscarer



5 Kits for the price of 4: Protects from Pigeons, Seagulls and other birds: Fruits, Vegetables, Gardens, Arable Crops, Sports Fields, Lawns, Vineyards, Buildings, Fishponds,  Boats Balconies. Each Flashman Kit contains: 2 x Corrugated Plastic Blades. 6 x 600mm Wires. 2 x 400mm Wires. 2 x Glass Fibre Rods (1 with tape, 1 with rubber hose). 1 x Aluminium Ferrule. 4 x Mirrors (2 Square, 2 set at an Angle). 1 x Construction Kit (8 small screws, 8 large screws, 4 plastic brackets, 1 masonry nail, 1 rubber block small hole, 1 rubber block large hole).

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