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Model 30 T - Fully Continuous Waste Tyre(plastic) Pyrolysis Plant



Internal screw rotatory pyrolysis. No coking. Hot melt processing in advance, process generated HCL specially, more environmental protection. Adopt multilevel cooling design, to get more fuel oil. Hot air heat, cooperated with low temperature pyrolysis catalyst, extend working life of plant. Enclosed production all the way, no leakage and no dust loss, environmental protection. Exhaust gas multistage processed, gas emission reach European Standard level.

  • Waste plastic and medical waste sent into fuel preheater by conveyor to melt. Process generated HCL specially.
  • Melted fuel continuously sent into reactor, and finish pyrolysis under low pressured catalyst.
  • After generated gas during pyrolysis separates in gas-liquid separator, liquify in condenser and get fuel oil. After fixed bed second catalyst and dewaxing , can get the fuel oil with high quality.
  • Carbon residue after pyrolysis output continuously by cooling conveyor, and made to be carbon rod as fuel.
  • Flammable gas goes into exhaust gas treatment tank to desulfur, then extracted by vacuum pump and enter into water sealed tank, sent to hot air stove to burn.

  • Item : 30 T fully continuous waste tyre pyrolysis plant
  • Type : XFLJ--30
  • Capacity : 30T/D
  • Operating temperature : <650°
  • Material : Q345R
  • Fuel consumption in start : 400 kg
  • Fuel consumption in operation : 0 (the syn gas from the system be burnt by the system itself)
  • Heating way : Hot air circulation heating
  • Tire requirement : Tyre piece <20mm
  • Working pressure : Normal pressure
  • Methods of flame retardant : Nitrogen Blow
  • Total power : 190 kw
  • Running power : 190kw/h
  • Boundary dimension : 14000mm(L) x 2400mm(W) x4000mm(H) x 2
  • Floor space : 36000 mm x8000 mm
  • The highest install elevation : 7000 mm
  • Labor : 2-3 people
  • Working life : 5-7 year

  • Fuel oil: 45-50%
  • Carbon residue: 32-36%
  • Steel wire: 2-14%%
  • Syn gas: 3-5%

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